Man Made Fibre is a blend of my love for colour, natural fibres, science, art & craft.

As you may know (or will soon realise) I love bold, bright colours and am slightly obsessed with rainbows! But I'm not adverse to subtle neutrals or natural coloured fleeces (where this all started).

I often get asked at events what part I play in Man Made Fibre, short answer - all the parts! Everything is dyed by me, all samples are currently knit by me, I design my own patterns and my face is on every yarn label!

Man Made Fibre began life with me spinning natural coloured fleeces! I then started blogging this as well as a few dyeing experiments. Next thing I knew I had 8 colours in DK yarn and some merino top at a craft fair. Fast forward 5 years and I have 32 semi-solids and who knows how many colourways on 5 bases!

I hope to see you all at fibre events in the future.

Be kind to each other,
Take care,
Ian :0)

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