I love playing with the dye pots and experimenting with dye techniques, different colours etc.

In 2019 I had an order for a bulk lot of sock yarn for Wool On Wheels. Instead of just doing my regular colourways I took to the dye pots and had a wee play. Some of these play sessions were written down and became a few of the colourways being launched this year - "Gateaux", "Forget Me Not" and "Pink Lemonade".

After seeing the results of these experiments I realised that I could finally dye a couple of colourways I had been contemplating for a number of years but hadn't figured out how to get the look I was after. This gave birth to "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "Volcanic Sand".

As anyone who knows me or has seen my booth will know - I have a thing for rainbows and dyeing all the colours. So obviously I had to dye more colours to complete my rainbow!

I am so pleased with how the colourways turned out and how well they work together and with the other colours that I dye. 

I have setup a pre-order listing for these colourways as I have not settled on a release date as yet. Pre-order here.

I hope you like them as much as I do.